Terms and Conditions

1. General information about the company

The company’s legal name: Taavani ApS
Company nickname: Taavani
Form of company: Limited company
CVR: 43164597
Address: Tuapannguit 38, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland
Phone number: +299 385490
Official email address: info@taavani.gl

Taavani ApS (hereinafter referred to as Taavani) is a business travel agency that services companies in connection with business travel. Every purchase at Taavani is subject to the following general conditions, which you as a customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) are deemed to have carefully read and accepted.

2. Taavani’s Role and Responsibilities

Taavani offers the Customer the opportunity to make a reservation via its own online booking system or by personal service, including by telephone or via e-mail. Typically, it will be a combination of both options. The simple A-B journeys can be advantageously ordered online, whereas the more complicated journeys require more personal advice. Taavani collaborates with both airlines and hotels.

3. Agreement conclusion

3.1 Online

An agreement on the provision of a flight ticket and/or hotel between Taavani and the Customer is concluded and binding for both parties when the customer has completed the reservation on Taavani’s reservation portal. Before the Customer completes the payment and thereby accepts the agreement on mediation, the Customer has received and read these general conditions by indicating in a “click off” box and accepted – also by indicating in a “click” off box that Taavani acts as an agent for the airline.

3.2 Phone or e-mail

An agreement on the arrangement of a flight ticket or hotel between Taavani and the Customer is concluded and binding for both parties when the customer has accepted the order, either by telephone or by e-mail.

4. Disclaimer

Taavani acts solely as an agent for the companies involved in the reservation. Taavani does not guarantee or ensure that these suppliers deliver the agreed services. Taavani will not be liable for actions beyond Taavani’s control in connection with services or for any damages, losses, delays, non-delivery, irregularities or consequences thereof, which may be caused by negligence, default or other actions or inactions of a supplier or a subcontractor’s side, including the supplier of online booking systems. In particular, Taavani does not guarantee or ensure that the ordered travel service will actually be delivered by the supplier. If a supplier defaults on its obligations prior to the delivery of a paid travel service, the Customer’s only option for reimbursement will be to approach the defaulting supplier, his own insurance company or the credit card issuer. Taavani will not be held responsible for fluctuations in prices, changes in schedules or services provided by a supplier that occur after these services have been confirmed and paid for. Taavani disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions in reservations, fares or other information provided automatically by an airline or other reservation systems, and for data security while data is transmitted via the Internet. We point out that failure to submit or submission of incorrect information to Taavani can have major consequences for the traveler and, in the worst case, lead to a ban on entry to the desired destination. Conditions for which Taavani cannot, as a rule, be held responsible.

5. Price information and travel suggestions

In the case of price information and travel proposals, verbal as well as written, we do not make a reservation. Prices and places are indicative and can therefore only be confirmed once we have made the reservation and sent a confirmation.

6. Reservation of travel

At the Customer’s request either per by phone, e-mail or via a booking form, Taavani books business trips by air and makes hotel reservations on the basis of the following:

6.1 Flight reservation:

Taavani’s travel consultants book flights via a reservation system or via Taavani’s own or third-party search tools on airline websites.

6.2 Hotel reservation:

Taavani’s travel consultants book hotels via the reservation system or outside the reservation system (e.g. by phone/e-mail). Taavani makes the reservation, the Customer receives a confirmation, and payment for the hotel is made by the Customer himself directly at the hotel, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.

7. Products

7.1 Flight

When ordering a plane ticket, it is important to be aware of the ticket’s applicable rules, as the majority of tickets sold today include has restrictions in connection with change and cancellation. It is also important to ensure that the traveller’s name on the ticket matches the name on the valid passport.

7.2 Hotel

Reservations are made through Taavani and are typically guaranteed with the Customer’s own credit card. It is the Customer’s responsibility to arrange payment directly at the hotel at the same time as any extra purchased services, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.

8. Confirm

In connection with all reservations (flight and hotel), Taavani sends a confirmation that describes the individual elements included in the reservation. This is used as proof of a valid reservation. It is the Customer’s own responsibility to react immediately if the content of the confirmation is not in accordance with what was ordered/agreed, so that the error/deficiency can be corrected. Therefore, always check the confirmation upon receipt.

9. Insurance

9.1 Sickness and cancellation insurance

When purchasing more expensive restrictive tickets, the customer can advantageously take out sickness and cancellation insurance. Thereby, it will be possible to obtain a full refund in the event of an acute and medically documented illness before departure. The insurance can be purchased additionally in connection with booking with Taavani.

9.2 Delayed attendance insurance

Taavani recommends all its travelers take out a “Delayed Arrival” insurance policy. Insurance can most often be taken out with your own insurance company, GOUDA, Europæiske rejseforsikring or purchased during the booking.

9.3 Travel insurance

Business trips are not covered by Public Health Insurance. Taavani recommends that the Customer takes out travel insurance to cover the costs in connection with illness and any home transport. Taavani is not responsible for the consequences and costs that a failure to take out travel insurance may cause.

10. Change/cancellation

Changing or canceling a reservation is always subject to the applicable rules for the reservation. To the extent possible, and if the Customer requests it, Taavani will cancel airline tickets and hotel reservations, subject to compliance with the relevant travel supplier’s conditions. Taavani will process all refunds of refundable tickets, less any administration fees from the airline, for a separate service fee. Taavani always sends an updated confirmation email in connection with a change or cancellation.

11. Service fees

Taavani charges service fees according to the services ordered by the Customer.

Reservations made via Taavani’s online booking system:

If personal advice is desired in connection with an online booking (existing or future), a service fee is charged for this. This can, for example, be advice on:
• Visa
• Online check-in
• Baggage rules
• Ticket prices and rules
• Change that does not require a new ticket issue
• Extra services such as extra luggage

We do not charge a service fee for:
System crash, Taavani errors or deficiencies in the setup of the online booking system

12. Payment

At Taavani, payment can be made with the customer’s own credit card or invoice issuance with a payment deadline of up to 8 days. If payment is not made on time, Taavani reserves the right to cancel the booking.

12.1 Taavani accepts payment from the following:

Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, MobilePay, GooglePay.

12.2 Merchant fee

When paying by credit card, a merchant fee of between 0.70% – 3.75% is charged, depending on the chosen credit card company. The merchant fee is only charged on service fees, and if Taavani is charged such a fee by the airline or hotel.

13. Company information

At Taavani, the Customer has a registered company profile, containing all relevant data such as the company’s name, address, telephone number, contact person, company agreement and overall travel policy.

It is the Customer’s own responsibility to ensure that Taavani has the correct information at all times. In connection with the company profile, it is required that all travelers in the company have a personal profile. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that Taavani has all relevant and correct information for the Customer’s travelers.

Minimum information for creating a personal profile is the following:
• Full name (according to valid passport)
• Address
• Date of birth
• Mobile number and e-mail
• In addition, Taavani recommends that the profiles contain information about the passport number and any bonus card.

It is also the Customer’s responsibility to maintain and update the profiles themselves and to delete profiles if an employee is no longer employed. In the event of misuse of profiles, the Customer himself is liable for any issued tickets.

Taavani treats all information with complete confidentiality.
Data Protection: link to privacy policy comes here

14. Complaints

Any complaints must be made to the airline, hotel, etc. or to Taavani, who will always offer the best possible assistance to find a cause/solution as quickly as possible. Any complaint must be made within a reasonable time. Otherwise, the Customer loses the right to claim the defect. Assistance in connection with a defect, for which Taavani acts as an agent, does not imply that Taavani has thereby acknowledged responsibility for the defect that has arisen in the service, and does not exempt the Customer from payment of possible additional costs that have arisen from the assistance provided by Taavani to the traveller, unless the deficiency is due to an error on Taavani’s part and can therefore be remedied free of charge.

15. Taavani service

Taavani offers the Customer the option of assistance in connection with travel-related emergencies, such as changes, cancellations and bookings outside regular business hours (Monday to Friday 08:00 – 17:00 UCT-3). Taavani charges a service fee per inquiry.

16. Strikes and irregularities

In the event of a strike, Taavani will provide assistance in changing the reservation. However, this can only be done the moment a strike is a reality and only according to the instructions of the companies involved in the reservation. Taavani assumes no responsibility for the consequences of any strikes, including if it is not possible to get the reservation changed with the company involved. If a strike has been announced but has not yet come into force, it is the Customer’s responsibility and costs if the Customer nevertheless wishes to change or cancel a reservation.

17. Customer’s responsibility/valid travel authorisation, passport, visa and vaccinations

The customer is responsible for the travelers bringing a valid passport (a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of departure is recommended) and any visa, and that they have at the same time taken care of the necessary and required vaccinations for the trip in question. Upon receipt of the confirmation email from Taavani, it is the Customer’s responsibility to check that the name on the ticket matches that on the passport and that other travel documents are correct. If there is a discrepancy between the travel document and the traveller’s name in the passport, this may lead to rejection at check-in. Taavani assumes no responsibility if the Customer provides incorrect or incomplete information.

18. Choice of law and venue

Any dispute regarding the interpretation of the conditions, and any claim against Taavani must be settled according to Greenlandic law and with the Greenlandic courts as the place of jurisdiction.