about Taavani

Our presence

The Greenlandic word Taavani means “there, up north” as an expression telling the direction; to go or to look up north.

Our home base in Nuuk, is the heart of our travel agency. Despite being headquartered in Nuuk our dedication knows no bounds. We extend our expertise to encompass every town, settlement, and unique location across the expanse of South, East, West, and North Greenland.

This means that no matter where your interests lie, we are here to deliver unparalleled travel experiences tailored to your preferences.

Tourism in Greenland

Taavani participates in the growing travel industry in Greenland. Our main effort is to contribute to this with exceptional service, digital solutions and sustainable perspectives.

Areas of expertise

At Taavani, we pride ourselves on being among the foremost experts in Greenland, serving as your dedicated partner for exceptional travel experiences in the Arctic paradise. We extend a warm welcome to international travel agents from around the globe, and want you to know that Taavani is the go-to Destination Management Company in Greenland with unparalleled local. 

Beyond the shores of Greenland, Taavani’s reach extends globally. We are not only experts in exploring the pristine beauty of Greenland, but we also help companies within Greenland plan their travel activities worldwide. Our international expertise, paired with a deep understanding of Greenland’s unique offerings, allows us to assist businesses in crafting travel experiences for their teams, clients, and partners in destinations around the world.

Helle Pedersen

Director and owner with 10 years of experience from the airline industry in sales, customer service and GDS implementation and optimisation. Expert in Greenlandic infrastructure and travel law and regulations

Christian Nørgaard Andersen

Owner and Head of Commercial with 8 years of experience within Branding, Marketing and Communication, whereof 3 years from airline industry. Travelled most of Greenland. Hence an extensive knowledge of Greenlandic tourism.

Jóhan H. Dam-Davidsen


Line Fredriksen


Our vision

We will be the preferred gateway between tourists, business travelers as well as travel agents and all tour operators in Greenland. Travelers now and in the future want individual itineraries, a worry-free journey and easy payment options.

We want to connect tourists, travel agents and local tour operators directly, so traveling up north will be as simple as a swipe.

We want to do it based in Greenland, so that we can ensure sustainable tourism in Greenland for many years to come, which ensures development in society, creates jobs and provides opportunities for education.

We want to ensure that as much money as possible stays in Greenland for the development of tourism and does not leave the country.