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Do your travelers prefer local own business to leave a positive sustainable footprint travelling in Greenland?

As part of our business strategy, we primarily use partners, who we know is founded in Greenland in order to keep most money in Greenland to further development of the tourism industry in our country. With that said we have a great relation to all corporations, and we are happy to work with everyone in order to create the best possible experience for the tourist we bring to Greenland.

As an independent DMC we present all opportunities to our clients and facilitates agreements either directly with our clients or through Greenlandic Tour Operators.

Lodges & camps in east greenland

Ice Camp Greenland

The camp consists of five simple cabins that each sleeps two people. Every cabin is situated in a way that ensures views of the magnificent icebergs and the striking fjord. Each cabin is equipped with toilet facilities, power outlets, and two comfortable beds.

The huts have been decorated to conform into the Arctic nature — each in a different individual theme. Furthermore, the cabins have been painted in the traditional style of Greenlandic settlements making them look like a small village in themselves. The camp includes a great main house with a dining area and shower facilities.

Whether you choose to visit the Ice Camp Greenland during the summer or the winter season, you will not be disappointed, and you are in for a truly amazing and unforgettable experience.
Website: https://www.arctic-dream.com/ice-camp-greenland

Lodges & camps in south greenland

Kuussuaq Camp

Kuussuaq Camp located in the Tasermiut Fjord is a must visit when you are travelling in South Greenland.

The Camp is developed by a young local entrepreneur Salik Frederiksen. The camp opened in 2018 and has already been mentioned in several travel magazines as a must visit.

Waking up in the nature with a spectacular view of the nature and landscape is something truly spectacular. Or falling a sleep under the northern lights.

Be aware the camp does not have toilet facilities, running water or power. It takes you completely back to nature and leave you to relax and enjoy the nature.

From the camp you can easily walk to the forest in South Greenland. The camp provides several different tours in the area as well.

Website: https://tasermiutcamp.gl/

Lodges & camps in The Capital Region

Camp Kiattua

Camp Kiattua is the most exclusive glamping camp in the world. This camp is for the luxury traveler who still need to add Greenland to their bucket list.

Situated 80 kilometers deep into the world’s second largest fjord system, Kiattua is accessible only by boat or helicopter, and occupies a secluded shingle beach enclosed by the oldest mountains in the world. Open for just 4 months of the year, and limited to 10 guests at a time to protect its fragile infrastructure, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is a deep dive into a little-known Arctic world.

Days are spent discovering this untouched world with your Nomad host, nights sharing stories around a camp fire and feasting on gourmet meals showcasing local ingredients, before retiring to bed in a state-of-the-art tupeq (Greenlandic word for tent).

Website: https://www.nomadgreenland.com/

Camp Kangiusaq

Camp Kangiusaq is developed by Nuuk Water Taxi and are in the Nuuk Fjord system.

A glamorous camping site, for the people who really want to revel in the Greenlandic nature, away from any type of connection but with world class comfort!

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the guides at the camp who will give you a quick tour around the area and give you all the relevant information for your stay.

During your stay it’s also possible to go out on a paddleboard or kayak tour, you could go fishing or go on one of the suggested hikes. There are several viewpoints from which you can see the icefiord.

Website: https://watertaxi.gl/en/side/camp-kangiusaq

camp kangiusaq

Camp Itivi

Camp Itivi is another camp in the Nuuk Fjord system.

Close to the ice cap at the bottom of Nuuk Fjord, Camp Itivi is located, protected from wind and weather by mountains on three sides, with an open view of the fjord where the icebergs from the ice fjord slowly slide past.

The icebergs find their way with the tide into the fjord in front of the camp, and smaller chunks of ice will find its way to the beach along the water’s edge at low tide, so every morning has its own new breathtaking view.

Here the Inuits, sailing in their kayaks on their way to hunt, and later the northerners, came to the bottom of the fjord, where they could most easily walk over the lowest point on the ridge; “Itivi” – the transition point.

Website: https://campitivi.gl/

Camp itivi

Lodges & camps in The Arctic Circle

Camp Ice Cap

Feel nature’s veritable strength amidst a Greenlandic summer or winter. Stay overnight on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Brave the blustery winds and snowfall for an opportunity to witness the stunning northern lights and the stillness of endless ice.

The chance to overnight on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet is typically reserved for research and expedition purposes, but to join our special camping experience, one need not be a glaciologist or die-hard adventurer! All that is required to join this unrivaled 2-day/1-night expedition is your sense of adventure and the pursuit of a unique life experience. As a participant for this trip they expect that you don’t mind pulling a pulk with your own / or group equipment from the ice edge to the camp. This effort is considered by the majority of all participants as an easy and natural task to perform, so we are only mentioning this as a kind heads-up in advance.

Website: https://albatros-arctic-circle.com/camp-ice-cap

See website here

Lodges & camps in disco bay

Camp Qinngua

Want a day in a remote and beautiful area, but rather not take the hike?
Stay in Camp Qinngua, Disko Bay Tours authentic and cozy camp with activities in the soft-adventure category. Arrive here by boat and get back to town by boat.

A hike to the top in the back of the campsite to collect barries and herbs, maybe we will spot a muskox or two.

Everybody helps cooking the dinner, making the coffee and doing the dishes.
After breakfast day two we sail back to Qasigiannguit.

Website: Read more about the camp here

Lodges & camps in North Greenalnd

Glacier Lodge Eqi

Do you have a weakness for adventure combined with high comfort, spectacular experiences, and wild nature? Well, then a stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi is the perfect vacation for you.

Glacier Lodge Eqi is the oldest lodge in World of Greenland’s collection of unique lodges. Here you get an exclusive opportunity to see, hear and feel the effect of a calving glacier up close. An experience that can make most people forget about everyday life, disconnect and be present in the moment.

The Lodge is in the middle of the enormous, Greenlandic wilderness, far from civilization and everyday life. It has electricity, so that you can charge your camera; running hot water, so that you can enjoy a shower after a long day’s adventure.

Website: https://worldofgreenland.com/en/glacier-lodge-eqi/

Igloo Lodge

Igloo lodge is World of Greenland’s first winter lodge and is now part of a series of unique lodges. Here you get an experience that you will never forget. Imagine sleeping in the middle of the sparkling Greenland winter fell, where the igloos are built from snow, as the inuit has practiced through thousands of years. The word Igloo comes from the Greenlandic word “Illu” that means house.

Igloo Lodge is not a fancy Ice-Hotel – it is the real deal. It is for you who wants to experience the total silence, the magnificent surroundings, and the dancing aurora borealis and a nice cozy atmosphere. If you have not experienced Greenland during the winter months, a visit to Igloo Lodge is something you must not miss. The lodge is located at Nalluarsuk, 15 kilometers into the Ilulissat hinterland – on the edge of the UNESCO area Ilulissat Icefiord.

Website: https://worldofgreenland.com/en/igloo-lodge/

Ilimanaq Lodge

In Ilimanaq Lodge you find an authentic Greenlandic experience, added with the good quality and high comfort level.

With a bungalow on the edge of the mountain, nature is at your doorstep. Enjoy your morning coffee on your private terrace, while small fishing boats slowly trudge past in the crystal-clear water. The views are stunning, and you may even witness a whale family elegantly swimming by.

On top of great experiences, you get a unique insight in the way of life in a settlement 300 km north of the polar circle, when you visit Ilimanaq Lodge.

To access Ilimanaq you will sail from Ilulissat.

Website: https://worldofgreenland.com/en/ilimanaq-lodge/

Kangia Lodge

Are you in Ilulissat then spend a night in a cabin located in the middle of the snowy landscape.
Enjoy the fantastic view of the glacier, the ice fjord and the ice fjord.Enjoy the silence, see the most incredible dancing northern lights and experience prison life up close.

Transportation to/from the cabin by snowmobile is included in the price.

Read more about Kangia Lodge here: https://inuk.dk/Ture/kangia-lodge (Danish only)

Camp Saqqaq

Camp Saqqaq by Nomad Greenland will open in summer 2023. More information to come.

Website: https://www.nomadgreenland.com/

Lodges & camps in The National park